Prototype 1 & 2

"For SERIE 2, we are at sea, on a boat that could be a big sailboat, like our society this boat knows peaceful periods at sea, but also storms during one of these storms the boat hits something containing an orange substance and starts to sink slowly, everything flows, but the substance keeps us on the surface, the furniture is immersed in this substance, the weather starts to slow down or maybe it's the substance that hardens. Before we all disappear, engulfed by the sea, we will have for months, maybe years and here we are with all this matter, what can we do with it? Let sink and look, or transform everything and sink in beauty? I opted for the second solution! "

Sebastien Blum

SERIE 2 is the second artistic performance by artist Sébastien Blum.

The artist has created and reinterpreted furniture with salvaged material. Here eco-responsibility and know-how have played a key role. To carry out his project, the artist surrounds himself with a partner of choice, SCIC Vavang'art located on the island of Reunion, which has a pole specialized in recycling and recovery. bulky waste. The furniture has all been made entirely by hand.
SERIE 2 awakens our sensitivity to the reality of our time and the solutions we can provide. Society flows, we can watch it flow or roll up our sleeves, find solutions together and give it a second wind.
Similarly for recycling, every year in France 3.6 million tons of bulky waste are to be reprocessed. Of these 3.6 million, how many tonnes could we simply reinterpret and allow our land to hold a little longer?

Price upon request.




The works "Prototype 1" and "Prototype 2" are tables reinterpreted into chairs. They were made from old school tables. The legs were made from pallets, the seat was carved out of wood, and cleats were made with the wood chips from the tables, in order to reinforce the strength of the chair (the chair can carry to 85kg). The set has been painted in acrylic (spray and brush) and is based on a metal structure made to measure with metal recovery. The puddle is plastic fiber.

Removable seat.

SERIE 2 was inspired by the movie "All is Lost"

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