The Company 

Sébastien Blum is a conceptual design brand combining art, perception and exception. Founded in 2016 by the eponymous artist.

Sébastien Blum is a registered trademark. 

The lines

SERIE 1 is the first artistic performance by the artist Sébastien Blum.  The artist wanted to create a meeting point between the world of fashion and that of art, two things that are inherently opposed. Fashion is considered temporary, while art is timeless by nature. Also, the artist is assumed that the clothes have a particular vitality and that art has a soul. From there, he wanted to create a junction point where the vitality of clothing meet the artistic soul. And give life to art and soul to clothing. Secondly the artist wanted to shake up the codes of fashion, creating a series of works that could be likened to a capsule collection of a fashion brand. 

SE/21 is a line of experimental and original products inspired by SERIE 1.

SERIE 2 is the second artistic performance by Sébastien Blum.  The artist has created and reinterpreted furniture, with recycled materials. Here eco-responsibility and know-how played a key role. To carry out his project, he has been able to surround itself with a partner of choice, the SCIC Vavang'art located in Réunion Island, which has a cluster specialized in recycling and recovery of garbage. The furniture has all been handmade by Blum.  SERIE 2 awakens our sensitivity to the reality of our time and the solutions that we can bring. The world flows, we can watch it flow or roll up our sleeves, find solutions together and give it a second breath.  Similarly for recycling, each year in France 3.6 million tons of bulky waste must be reprocessed. Of these 3.6 million, how many tons could we simply reinterpret and thus allow our land to hold a little longer?

HD/21 or Home Design 21 is a line of home products and accessories inspired by the SERIES 2  The Site is an online concept store, located halfway between the art e-gallery and the designer e-store. 

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